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Details About Reputation Desk

Reputation Desk started from business owners, just like you, who were completely over all the work it took to manage and get more reviews (not to mention all the passwords and login information needed at all times). It was time for something all-inclusive and automated.

Reputation Desk was born

We are here to give you a hands-off approach to your online reputation so you can focus on your business and customers. We’re business owners, too, and we understand you don’t have time to be online always, but still know the critical nature of maintaining your online reputation.

Our Technology

Our software and reputation management system will keep everything in a secure and safe platform for you and your selected employees to access. From this dashboard, you can see all listings and social media profiles, respond to reviews, and check analytics of all online properties.

To add to that, anytime you get a new client, you can set them up to get an email or text where they can leave you a review. If the review is positive, they will be prompted to publish that review on Google My Business, Facebook, and more. If it’s negative, they will be prompted to fill out a survey so you can make improvements where needed.

All of this is automated and done while you are doing what you should – working on your business and not in it.

To learn more about the technology head on over to the “How it Works Page.”

Our Service

Like we said above, we’re business owners, too. We understand how imperative it is, as business owners, to have all software and technology working as needed. One hiccup can slow down everything. That’s why we have a team of behind us to make sure our software is functional, secure, and updated. We also have our software experts on standby to answer any questions and help you with whatever you might need.

To contact us at any time simply give us a call at 877-947-4155

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