How To Get More Reviews On Social Media Platforms

90% of customers use reviews to help them decide which products they’re going to buy, but are you tapping into your reviews on social too? In fact, are your social profiles even optimized for people to leave meaningful reviews?

From incentivizing your followers to promoting your existing ones, here’s how you can get more reviews on your social platforms and put the social into social proof!

Offer people incentives to post reviews

I’ll be straight with you, many people will not do something without getting something in return. With this in mind, if you want to get more reviews on social media you should give your followers and customers an incentive to do so. How? With gifts, discounts, and offers. 

As an example, you could give your customers 10% off their purchase if they leave a review on one of your social platforms. Other ways of giving your customers incentive include sending a free gift to the first ten people to leave a review, or gamifying the process by entering every reviewer into a competition. Just make sure you are being genuine and value-led: you should never pay for/badger to get reviews.


Respond to all reviews on your accounts

Engagement is key in social media. In fact, people won’t interact with your brand unless they feel listened to.....and if they don’t engage, then you won’t get any more reviews.

You have the power to make people like you more by engaging with them. How? By responding to all the reviews that are posted to your social media accounts — saying thank you or reflecting on a point for improvement will show that you care. Social media is an open forum, so you need to be committed to transparency.

You need to respond to your reviews quickly if you want to get maximum engagement, but it can be difficult to keep track of them. Using a platform like ReputationDesk, not only does it allow you to monitor your social accounts, it also helps you to generate new ones. Check out how ReputationDesk can help you by watching the video below:


Invite interaction by promoting your existing reviews

What do people want on social media? Attention. People want their peers to know what they’ve been doing, to appear helpful, and to have their egos stroked. You can stroke their ego for them by promoting their reviews.

By promoting your customer reviews you increase the chance of your reviews being shared and commented on, while giving the reviewer an even more positive experience of your business by giving them some social proof too.

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook use comments to decide which content appears in users’ feeds, so it’s important to post content that people are likely to comment on and tag friends in. Create a customer community through your reviews and reward positive social interactions.

The more people that see the positive experience you are providing your customers and followers, the greater the chance is of them being inspired to leave their own reviews.

Getting more reviews won’t give your business an immediate upswing in traffic or revenue, but it will definitely bring a boost to both of those things. The bottom-line for getting more reviews on your social platforms is that if you want them, you have to work for them. So roll up your sleeves and start putting the advice from this article into practice!

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