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Today, reviews for businesses, especially those that provide a service, are very important – no, critical – no, make that absolutely essential. A whopping 90% of consumers of all kinds thoroughly research online reviews before even thinking about making a purchasing decision. And that's why here at Reputation Desk we are proud to announce our launch – to help businesses with that crucial aspect of marketing involving reviews and reputation management.


Why You Need Plenty of Positive Reviews


Let's start with some eye-opening statistics from Invesp:


  • 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business
  • 88% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
  • 72% indicate that positive reviews make them trust a local business more
  • 72% of consumers take action only after reading a positive review
  • Customers are likely to spend 31% more at a business with excellent reviews


Reviews, also known as social proof today, serve to help build that essential element of trust. Third-party or peer review sites tend to engender a sense of trust in online consumers. For example, 90% of travelers believe reviews to be important for making travel purchasing decisions. Further, most consumers conduct extensive online research, which includes reviews, to ensure they are making the right purchasing decision. So in addition to helping establish a company's credibility, online reviews serve to help consumers have a sense of confidence in their decisions.


The Launch of a Hands-Off, More Affordable Solution – Reputation Desk


If you weren't already convinced of the importance of reviews, you are now, right? Even so, you don't want to spend a huge chunk of your time managing listings, social media channels, and reviews. That's why we created and launched our automated approach: so you can focus on your business and customers.


We studied the industry and created a more affordable solution for any business that wants to generate more reviews, manage their reputation, and respond to reviews in one place. Our solution also allows you to keep your business information consistent and accurate over 45 directories. What we provide is a software and reputation management system to keep everything in a secure and safe platform where you can see all listings and social media profiles, respond to reviews, and check analytics for all online properties.


Reputation Desk Launch Products


As part and parcel of the recent launch, Reputation Desk offers four main products/services. 


Review Generation

Positive reviews, the foundation of your online reputation, are essential for business growth. Our review generation software gathers, filters, and promotes reviews from consumers – to deliver them right to your digital doorstep. So when a customer purchases something from your company, the software sends out a review request, delivered via the channel of your choice.


Reputation Monitoring

You need reviews, and you also need to monitor reviews because sometimes you need to respond in some way. And our review management and monitoring software give you the tools to do just that. The software allows you to view and track customer reviews so that you can promote the glowing reviews and maintain customer satisfaction.


Listing Management

Besides excellent reviews, you also need consistent, accurate, and updated listing information across all the online venues so that customers can easily find your business. But it's a major pain to do it all manually listing by listing. Our listing management software, however, automates and centralizes the process across multiple listings.


Reviews Micro Site

Our microsite option gives you a single, central online location where you can collect and display all your great reviews. We create the site for you, and we even do all the onerous yet essential SEO work.


The launch of Reputation Desk, then, means easy, affordable review generation and reputation management for business owners. Currently, our primary verticals are automotive, dental, and legal. So if you never want to miss another review or just want to discover more, contact us today.



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