Online Business Branding: The Make-or-Break Business Task

When you think of brand logos, some of the first ones that come to mind are probably the Nike swoosh, Apple's apple with a bite taken out, and the Amazon name with an orange arrow underneath. They're immediately recognizable, memorable, and convey the values and feel or the company at an emotional, intuitive level. Or consider about what most of us ask for when we sneeze or have a runny nose. Most of us ask for a Kleenex even thought what we want is a tissue of any kind. It's just that Kleenex has done it's branding so well that's the first thing that comes to mind.

And that is effective branding. It can be a make-or-break proposition fora business.

Logo Branding

Since your logo is such a critical and integral element of your branding efforts, we'll start with that. An effective logo should be.

  • Simple
  • Distinct
  • Targeted
  • Relevant and appropriate
  • Timeless
  • Recognizable and memorable
  • Functional and versatile

In addition, there are some things your logo must do, for example:

Attract Attention

Your logo must demand notice and attract consumers' attention so that they are funneled or led toward the desired action.

Differentiate Products and/or Services

Your logo should also effectively differentiate your products and services from all the other similar and  competing products/services in your arena.

Build Trust

Because successful branding and consumer relationships are built on trust, your logo has to identify your brand in such a way that consumers eventually come to trust it. This usually happens after repeated exposure in many online venues. (This is where listing management can be a huge asset.)

Garner Repeat Business

Your logo, when it becomes instantly recognizable, leaving a lasting impression, must draw in those valuable repeat customers with the greatest marketing ROI. 

Today's Branding Challenges

For businesses today engaged in branding and trying to achieve brand recognition, there a few newer challenges. The most important of these are technological changes and adaptations and consumer-profile changes.

The advent of mobile has brought on the biggest of the technological changes. It's estimated that in the near future nearly a billion people will come online globally. And a majority of these will live out their entire consumer lifecycles on smartphones (or other mobile devices). Effective business branding today, then, demands mobile-friendly, maybe even mobile-first, brand marketing. Add to that the importance of social media and social proof for younger consumers, and the importance of technology-driven branding becomes readily apparent.


With the changing consumer profile, brand presentation has become immensely important. In addition, having a quality product or service associated with your brand is no longer enough to achieve brand differentiation. For consumers today, it's all about the customer experience. This is what creates loyalty and drives reviews and referrals (both of which are important elements of branding). This phenomenon is owing in large part to the huge influx of millennials who have different lifestyles and expectations than their elders and so different standards by which they judge business performance.

Reputation Desk's Listing Management for Branding

Because branding is so critically important for your business, you should use every available branding tool within your reach. And Reputation Desk has an effective one.

Our Listing Management software allows you to keep your business information consistent across multiple platforms for instant recognition in many online venues. It also helps you grow your business by enhancing popularity and brand recognition. Customers can leave reviews – a powerful brand enhancer – and, by having all your social media account information and listings accessible in one central place, you can monitor all information about your company, including reviews.

Learn how our Listing Management feature can help you brand your business online.

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