Tips To Manage The Online Reputation Of Your Business

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Online reputation management is crucial for any brand, regardless of size - quite simply, it can mean the difference between success and a bankrupt business.


The move to digital has made running a business simultaneously easier and harder.

On the one hand, it's now easier than ever for a wide audience (one that stretches across the globe) to find your business and buy your products. On the other, it’s easier than ever for your business’s reputation to become tarnished with negative customer feedback or even through poor social media management.

The move to digital has made running a business simultaneously easier and harder.

In the post below, we’ll be covering five easy ways that you can successfully manage the online reputation of your business. For inspiring and practical tips on keeping that rep spotless, read on.

Create and maintain a strong online presence

The very first thing you need to do when managing the online reputation of your business is to ensure you have a strong online presence — and if you don’t have one, create one.

There are a number of platforms on which you can build your online reputation: your own business website, your blog, social media channels, and review sites are just a few.

Social media is particularly important these days; with 3.48 billion social media users globally, this is no longer a platform you can ignore.

Having a strong social media presence is more than just creating a business page on a few social platforms (you should be aiming for around three); you need to be visible and active.  Post great content regularly and consistently, and engage enthusiastically with your followers.

Aim to do the same with your website; if you have a blog attached to your site, don’t forget to keep it updated with interesting — and relevant — posts.

A strong online presence will contribute to a positive online reputation by building awareness and credibility around your brand.

Publish and post high-quality content

It’s not enough simply to post fresh, new content regularly; your content needs to be consistently high-quality too.

This means crafting compelling content that your audience finds interesting and relevant to them. You could do this by covering new topics, or finding a unique angle on an existing one — however you do it, you need to offer more value to your followers than by simply bragging about your latest product. They need to benefit from your posts, whether they are learning something new or being entertained for five minutes.

Your copy also needs to be crafted with care — well-written with excellent grammar,  punctuation and in a clear brand tone. A badly-written, misjudged social media post can ruin your online reputation very quickly. Using a writing assistant like Grammarly can help with prepping your content before you press "post."

Similarly, you need to make sure that the imagery that accompanies your post is high-quality and adds further value to your written content. Ask yourself: does it illustrate your point? Does it reel the user in with vibrant colors or an emotional story? Does it reflect your brand values?

If you don’t have the budget or time to create unique imagery, you can pick up free, high-resolution photos from stock image sites like Burst and then add your own twist using a graphic design tool like Canva.

Respond to reviews quickly — especially the bad ones

Once you’ve set the foundations for your online reputation management with a strong online presence and high-quality content, you need to think about the reactionary aspects.

Responding to reviews, mentions, and comments quickly is vital when it comes to managing the online reputation of your business.

This is particularly true when it comes to dealing with negative feedback. The sooner you can get back to a disgruntled customer and deal with them in the appropriate way, the better. This will (hopefully) result in a positive outcome and an appeased customer, but it goes much further than the individual; a quick response can help with damage limitation. News of a bad customer experience can spread like wildfire online, and that’s a very easy way to tarnish your reputation.

A professional, rapid response builds your credibility and trustworthiness as a business; it shows customers — and prospective customers — that you aren’t the type of brand to hide behind a computer screen. Instead, you are a business that offers honesty, kindness, and excellent customer service.

Reputation management systems like Reputation Desk have monitoring features which will alert you whenever your brand or product gets a mention, allowing you to respond to customers and manage your rep.

Treat your employees well

We all go on about the importance of putting the customer at the center of everything you do as a business, but what about your employees?

It doesn't matter how well you pay your staff — if you don't treat them with respect and kindness, they won’t love your brand or believe in your product, and they definitely won't love coming to work in the morning.

Your employees are brand ambassadors as much as your customers are, and they can make a huge difference when it comes to your online reputation — either positive or negative.

That's why it's imperative to take employee review sites such as Glassdoor seriously. All too often, these can be taken over by disgruntled ex-employees and give you a shockingly low rating, which can turn up unwanted when prospective customers search for your brand.

Needless to say, this doesn’t look good to customers — who wants to support a brand who treats their employees badly? — and can even push them towards your competitors.

Avoid angry ex-employees monopolizing your Glassdoor business profile and ask current employees to review your company; fresh, honest, positive reviews will greatly improve perceptions of your business.

The online reputation of your business is something that you can control. By following these top tips, you can create and maintain a powerful, positive online reputation that will impress your customers and increase your sales.

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