Review Sites That Impact Your Business The Most


When it comes to leaving reviews online, there are plenty of places to do so. You’ll notice if you look at reviews yourself that people are more likely to leave a negative review than a positive one. This is a reason why it’s good to know which review sites are impacting your business the most. Once you’re aware of which sites do this, you’ll be able to fix any issues more directly.


The most common sites that people will leave a review on, negative or positive are Facebook, Google and Yelp. With the increase in online shopping, Amazon is giving the other 3 a run for their money. Have you ever been looking to buy something on Amazon and read the reviews? Most people won’t buy anything on there without reading the reviews first and comparing with similar products. If you have a product on Amazon, this can be a crucial area to improve business.


There may or may not be one site that stands out for your businesses reviews than others but there also might not be. This doesn’t mean that these sites don’t matter and we’re here to tell you why they do.


Niche Sites

Depending on which category your business falls under, there are sites that review specific industries. When you look on Yelp, you’ll see mostly restaurants, or for movies you can search Rotten Tomatoes. Believe it or not, people even review their trips to the doctor or dentist on things like RateMD or ZocDoc. If you find in an industry that has a lot of competition, chances are you’re on one of these sites.



Did you know, only 30% of online searches are done using search engines other than Google? That makes it much more likely someone is using that search engine to look up your product or business. Google is a lot of people’s go-tos when it comes to searching, reviews and shopping. This means that the literal billions of people using the internet everyday can easily leave a review for your service or product on Google, including your competitors.


When it comes to Google, there is not only a place for them to write a review but also leave a start rating. This rating will show up right next to your business name, which is a reason to keep an eye on it and make sure it’s in the customer preferred 4.1 to 4.7 range. If you got some bad Google reviews, this guide might help.



Now if you’re in the food industry, you’re probably well aware that Yelp is a popular place that guests can leave reviews. So popular in fact that it has over 33 million users a month and nearly 180 million users in total. Most people that use Yelp, do so via their app. This means if a customer has bad service, they’re able to quickly leave a review right as their sitting in your establishment.


Nearly all of the users on Yelp do it on their mobile device meaning they’re likely quick to review or rate your business. On the other hand, this makes it easy for users to see other reviews and ratings before choosing where they’d like to spend their money. When you search that app for “Thai Food” and you have a Thai restaurant, yours and all of your surrounding competition will come up.


People like to do things as quickly as possible, so when apps like Yelp can pull up what their looking for fast, they’re likely to use it more often. It just takes a few clicks for someone to pull up reviews for restaurants, apartments they’re considering renting or even movie theaters to visit. This is a reason to pay attention to your businesses reviews on Yelp.



One unique thing that Amazon brings to the table, is the ability for people to review the products they purchase along with the seller they bought it from. If you’re in the eCommerce world, Amazon is something you should definitely have at the top of your list when it comes to reviews.


Amazon is for products, rather than services but when you buy a product from a company, they’re still in a way providing you with a service. Amazon reviews are what drive their sales from one business to the next with similar products. Someone is more likely to end up spending more money on a product with positive reviews and a high star rating than from another person selling the exact same product that has poor reviews and a low star rating.


There are over 3,000 new sellers every day on Amazon. They are the largest and most profitable online retailer in the entire world. Can you believe there’s around 10 million reviews on sellers per month? Those numbers are insane and are a perfect reason to be paying attention to those customer reviews you receive on that site.

Final Words

Today you’ve read a lot of in depth information about the top 3 places people tend to leave reviews. Hopefully you are better aware of how important reviews can be to your business and which specific sites you should be paying attention to. There are a ton of other review sites that weren’t specifically mentioned here, so it’s best to do a little research for your specific business, especially in those niche markets.


With so many people having the internet right at their fingertips at all times, they’re able to quickly compare businesses and products and their reviews to see which one they’ll give their money to. As a company, you want them to choose you over your competitors. This is why having great reviews and ratings can help your business soar.


This can easily become overwhelming to do on your own or have someone on your staff do. If you find it to be stressful, you can hire a company to monitor websites and reviews for you. This service is not free but it can take a load off your back. Whichever way you do it, pay attention to your reviews, especially on the sites listed above.


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