Tips To Digitally Transform Your Business


If you own a business and are looking to digitally transform, it can be an intimidating task to take on. If you’re looking for the how-to with easy tips and tricks that you can start doing immediately, this article is for you. If you think it will benefit you, consider jotting down some notes when reading the tips listed below. Today we will be going over 5 tips to help transform your business online. These are the topics we will be covering:


  1. Leadership

  2. SEO

  3. Online Reviews

  4. Knowing Your Customer

  5. Social Media


Tip #1: Leadership

It may seem like common sense to have good leadership in your business but did you know it can help transform how your business runs online? It’s important to have leadership that has strategic thinking who is also well-versed in the digital space of your business. This can include someone who’s great at communication online whether that’s with people leaving reviews or people asking questions about a service or product. Having someone who can calmly address a customers complaint or any hard to answer questions will help your business thrive online and potential customers will see this.


Tip #2: SEO Results

If you didn’t know, Search Engine Optimization is an incredible driver of online business. This is what is shown when someone Googles your business or product. Reviews left, whether positive or negative will affect what comes up on the search engine. Your business page on Google will also affect what is shown. This is a place where the leadership can come to answer questions or respond to reviews. Making sure customers are heard and that they can see photos of the interior of your business or the product you’re selling, the hours your open, a contact number and more are very important things to have.


Tip #3: Online Reviews

We had to give online reviews it’s own section since they are so important to a businesses success. Chances are, before buying something or choosing a place to eat, you’ve Google it and probably read a few reviews before purchasing anything. This makes you amongst the 92% of people that also do this.


Potential customers will often make their decision on whether or not they’ll be spending money on your company based on the reviews. Encourage your customers to leave reviews and respond to all of them if possible. This shows that your business cares about what customers have to say and about their experience with your service or product. This is also a great opportunity to thank customers and address any issues they’ve had.


Tip #4: Knowing Your Customer

Taking your time and seeing you your target market is online can increase business. You wouldn’t want to waste time and company money on targeting an audience that your service or product wouldn’t serve. If you sell trendy clothes for younger people, there are specific areas to advertise and social media is the best place for that.


Tip #5: Social Media

By far the easiest way to transform your business online is to take advantage of social media. Not only are you able to advertise for free by having an account for your business on Instagram or Facebook but the price for running an ad on either is a fraction of other avenues. The people who use these social media platforms are often the same people that are googling your company or product in the first place and business often spreads through post sharing as well. Having a great online presence with aesthetically pleasing posts is a must for businesses nowadays.


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