Useful Facebook Engagement Tips in 2019


Using Facebook to bring in business can be extremely helpful in 2019. One of the main drivers behind getting customers online is the engagement. Are you not getting the likes, clicks or interaction you expected? We’ve all been there and today you’ll learn about some of the most useful Facebook engagement tips for 2019 to get the most out of your online presence as possible!


Who Is Your Audience?

A massive part of your engagement is knowing who your target audience is. If you’re a life insurance company, you may not want to be advertising to children or teenagers. If you run a website that has online games, people that under 20 are much more likely to visit your site than their parents. To find out who your target audience is, picture your dream customer. There are a few things to consider when doing this:


  • Age

  • Gender

  • Hobbies/Jobs

  • Location

  • Income Level


Just like the age examples above, you don’t want to waste your time and money advertising your luxury product to someone who can afford drugstore. You also may not want to be advertising your surfboard business to those who live in Minnesota.

Knowing who your ideal customer is will greatly improve your engagement. This can help in all areas from where you advertise to how you advertise! It’s a foundation to getting more customers engaging online!


Check Your Content

Surprisingly, something that may be affecting your engagement on Facebook negatively is your content itself. Have you just been posting status updates? How often do you post? Do you have professionally captured videos on your page? Let’s talk about content a little deeper to give you some tips to improve your engagement.


Having Photos & Videos

If you’re just posting status updates with text only, you’re engagement could clearly use some spicing up. When you’re posting a status, including a photo or video will dramatically increase the number of people interacting with your posts. Photos get over 50% more likes and nearly 85% more clicks than just plain text posts!


Another great way to interact with your customers or audience is by going live on Facebook. It can be intimidating at first if you’re not used to being in front of the camera but customers love to see the face behind the business and interact with companies online. It helps to make them feel included and cared about!



Having reviews on your Facebook page can increase engagement because people like to see the experiences other people have had. If you don’t have reviews, they might move on to another business.


Websites like Google don’t let you control your reviews all too much but having the posted on your Facebook page publicly will give potential customers a great idea of what they can expect. This is also a great opportunity to have customers rate and review your business which will definitely increase interaction!


FAQ Section

Another thing potential customers love to see is a Frequently Asked Questions section. This allows them to see if your business is right for them. This also allows you to interact with you customers and see what people may be questioning about your business or product.


Another thing people can use this for is if they have an issue, they can see if someone else has had it before and if you’ve written a solution. A lot of people will check the reviews and FAQ section before they make a purchase so not only will it increase your engagement, it could bring in more money!


Links, Links, Links!

One of the easiest ways to get more engagement is by linking your other social media platforms on your Facebook page. Does your company have an Instagram or website? Link these on your Facebook business page.


When you post on other social media platforms, you usually have the option to share to Facebook. This can be an easy way for a customer to engage on Facebook and then on somewhere like your website or Instagram.


Timing Is Everything

Once you’ve got great content ready to post, you have to make sure you’re posting it at the right time. You don’t want to post at 3 AM when most people are sleeping. The highest traffic days on Facebook are Thursdays and Fridays between 1 PM and 3 PM.


The worst time to post is on Mondays and Wednesdays. This is all just the average and you may have a business or product that caters to a target audience that these statistics wouldn’t work for.



By far the easiest way to get engagement to improve is by running ads on Facebook. They’re easy to make and cost efficient! Make sure you’re using quality content when you are advertising and that the ads are running at the best time for your target audience!


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