Why You Need To Use Your Reviews In Customer Emails

As an online business, it’s crucial that you don’t underestimate the importance of customer reviews. But you need to go one step further than this, and really use customer reviews to your advantage. It’s no longer enough to just have a testimonials page or a couple of highlighted reviews underneath your product description — you need to ensure that your customers are seeing these reviews.


The best way to do this? Customer emails.


In this post, we’ll be taking a closer look at why you need to use your reviews in customer emails, and how this can really benefit your brand.


Read on for the full lowdown on the importance of customer reviews in emails.


It generates social proof

If you’ve never heard of it before, social proof is the psychological and social phenomenon where people copy the actions of others — and it’s used all the time in marketing.


We human beings tend to look to our wider community to seek assurance and validate our decisions. In terms of consumerism, this means customers looking to other customers to ascertain whether your product is any good or not.


Positive reviews provide the social proof — and the extra push — that your potential new customer needs to validate their decision to buy your product.


That’s because an authentic customer review is honest and impartial. And unfortunately, this is something that you, as a business, cannot provide. After all, it’s in your best interest that your product sells and you make money — so why would a consumer trust you to start with?


The stats don’t lie: consumer reviews are nearly 12 times more trusted than product descriptions. Plus, they can bump click-through rates and increase conversions.


Social proof is an extremely powerful marketing tool that is worth leveraging — and an easy way to do this is by including reviews in your customer emails.


It builds trust in your brand

Not only does using reviews in emails provide the social proof that encourages consumers to buy your products, but it also builds trust in your business.


As we mentioned above, customer feedback is much more convincing than a product description or any persuasive sales copy you’ve crafted.


It’s also a lot more convincing than your social media team telling everyone how awesome your products are and how quirky your brand is.


A business that shines the spotlight on its customer reviews shows that it can be trusted and demonstrates that you are transparent and respectful. Merely by adding consumer feedback into emails, you can show that you put your customers and their needs first, as well as proving that you have some worthwhile products.


Customer reviews can help to build and nurture trust in your brand, which will strengthen the valuable relationship between you and your customers (and prospects), and increase your chances of conversion.


It draws attention to positive reviews and new products

Customers might not always necessarily always check your recent reviews.


Even your most loyal customers that regularly buy your products and read your emails might need pushing in the right direction when it comes to reviews. Older customers (in terms of how long they’ve been a user of your brand) tend to be less likely to read reviews than new customers — who want the full lowdown on your brand and products to find out if it’s really for them.


Likewise, older customers might have even lost interest in your products or purchasing.

For this reason, reviews in your customer emails could reignite that flame and remind them why your products and service are so fantastic.


Including positive testimonials could also highlight products that they may not have considered previously, and lead them to investigate your latest offerings — leading to more sales.


It creates a community of loyal customers

Using your reviews in customer emails is a great way to create a community around your brand, and form connections between customers.


A loyal community is incredibly valuable to your business; these are the customers that are going to act as ambassadors and recommend you to their friends, families and coworkers.

They’re the customers that will repeatedly buy your products; they’re also the customers that you should be basing your buyer personas on to improve your targeting; And they’re the customers that will shout about you online and help you to recruit new customers — whether it’s on social media, online review sites, or your own online store.


We cannot state enough the importance of holding on to these customers as tight as you can!


Using the reviews of these core customers in your emails means that community is now no longer faceless — it’s human and real. It helps your customers identify each other and creates a stronger, clearer picture of what your brand identity is.


Ultimately, this means that customers can identify with your brand, making them more likely to emotionally and financially invest in you and buy products.


It’s a great shout out that customers will love

If customers love your products and they’re willing to write a customer review that’s so sparkling that you want to put it into your next email, chances are that they’re a big fan.


Therefore it stands to reason that this customer will love seeing their feedback in your next newsletter email and getting a personal shout out. Just make sure you double-check that your customer is happy to put their name to the review if you’re going to use their full name — especially if your product is a particularly sensitive one.


It’s also a nice way of showing your customer that you care about them and value their opinion. Asking for a review and then using it in customer emails serves to reinforce your relationship with the customer, and proves to them that you put them and their experience as a consumer first.


As you can see, there are many strong reasons why you need to use your reviews in customer emails  — so if you haven’t started already, what are you waiting for?


Just remember to make it easy for customers to leave reviews — such as a rating out of five or ten, as well as an additional box where they can comment on how they got on with the product in more detail. You can send customers simple post-purchase emails too, and even give them incentives (such as a discount or free product) to respond.  


By collecting positive feedback and authentic recommendations to add to your emails, you can highlight the quality of your product, build trust in your brand, and ultimately increase your sales. Reputation Desk can help.


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