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The attorneys are Gerling Law are not only experienced, intelligent, creative, and persistent, they are genuinely interested in their clients' well being. I can't say enough positive things about Gerling Law. I will continue to refer them to anyone who needs a good lawyer, especially for personal injury.
By Stacy Stevens
Gerling Law has helped me with both personal injury and social security issues. They are kind, compassionate, quickly answered my questions, and helped me get the results I needed. I highly recommend calling Gerling Law!
By Amy Adams

By Valerie Hunt
Thank you Neal Anderson and Valerie Hunt, What a great team to have working for Gerling Law! The hard work and professionalism was excellent by Neal my Attorney. He always kept me informed, made me feel at ease. Valerie as Paralegal Case Manager worked very hard in a tough situation on the medical and paperwork, can't thank her enough. You are an asset to Gerling Law! Thank you Neal! Than you Valerie! A job well done!
By Linda Shaw
Thank you, Gerling Law for giving back to the community! I teach at Tekoppel in Evansville. Gayle and her team donated enough bicycle helmets for our entire 4th grade class this year. Then, Gayle and her staff came to our school and personally fitted each kid to make sure they had the appropriate size helmet to keep them safe as they are out and about this summer. Those things alone were fabulous, but then they went even further when one of our students missed out because she was gone that day. Before school was out the next day, she had a helmet as well. Great, friendly, and wonderful staff! Thank you again Gayle, Lori, Shannon, and Jennifer!
By Stacy Watson
I trust their experience and I know they care about their clients' situations.
By cindy link
Our story, unfortunately, is a long one. We began our disability "journey" in January/February of 2013. We did get one firm to represent us, but our hearing was to be in Louisville, KY and that firm did not travel to that area; once again we were stuck with not knowing what to do. After 3 1/2 years later, one phone hearing already behind us - still no word on benefits and no current representation. In latter April we were informed we had another hearing we had to appear at - not knowing why we never heard from the phone hearing - our hearing was scheduled for June! I had been searching and been denied by law firms everywhere; they all said we did not have a case. I decided to give one more shot and clicked onto Gerling Law. That was the BEST decision we had ever made. Within 1 day - we had an attorney who was willing to take the case! Jesse took over (along with the paralegal who was working with him) and made things happen!! It was such a wonderful relief and an amazing experience. We finally had someone who actually wanted to help us and what normally takes months of research to create a case; he did within 2 months and was with us when we went to our hearing in KY in June! He took the time to put up with all my questions and emails and made us feel like we mattered and was not just statistics. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this man! The day we walked into the office, everyone was so welcoming and made us feel comfortable. I am so glad I chose Gerling and that they have Jesse in their firm! They will not steer you wrong and they will go that extra for you. Thanks, Gerling and Jesse!!!! Michael and Lora Purcell
By Lora Purcell
I used Mr. Poag to handle my social security claim recently. We had a nice interview where he filled out my claim papers and got the ball rolling. Very thorough in his questions and he was very re-assuring about my case outcome. He filed the paperwork and had all the evidence needed and in a month's time or so I got my favorable response from social security. Easy to talk to and seems concerned about your problems I want to say I will use him again if needed and recommend him to anyone needing help with a social security case. Don't go at it alone,use a guy like him to get you what you deserve. Don Euler
By Donald Euler

By Daviontae Hughes
Excellent and everyone was very professional and courteous. Always informative
By kandlynn mobley
I was really impressed over how quick they handled my case, and they were truly considered about my well being.If I ever need legal advice again I will most definitely come back to Gerling Law Offices
By Tina Haygan

By Antonio Davis
It was great
By Ginny Estep
Knowledgable and professional staff that treated me like I was one of their family! They truly care about their clients and will fight for them! I will continue to recommend to family and friends!
By Laura Sankovitch
These are some of the greatest people you will ever meet. Gayle and Steve took the reigns during a confusing and traumatic point in my journey, and kept life on track for me and my family. I couldn't say enough about how wonderful, genuine, professional, and compassionate they are. Best in the business
By Curt S
My family and I were very pleased with the work Gerling Law did for us. Neal Anderson was very accommodating and always kept in touch. Everyone was very knowledgeable and honest to not give a sense of false hope. I appreciated that, and should we ever be in another bad situation, I would not hesitate to contact them again.
By Nick Cramer
I have total faith in the integrity of this law firm and highly recommend their services!!!!
By Evelyn Kyte
I have previously worked with this firm and experienced exceptional service & satisfaction. My case was handled quickly, efficiently, and ethically. I highly recommend Gerling Law.
By Rob DeGraffenreid
I would highly recommend Gerling Law. This is the best team you can have on your side, very nice and professional group!
By Brittney Miller

By Teresa Mccoy
Thanks to all at Gerling Law!!!! U were r light at the end of the tunnel. It been a long journey THANKS FROM BOTTOM OR OUR HEARTS
By Rodney Givens
When i was involved in my accident there was no question who i was going to hire to help with the insurance company. It has been a very pleasant experience so far.
By Anime Nerd
Absolutely love the staff at Gerling Law!
By alexandra seaver

By Suz Pausz

By Amy Gray
Valerie Seaver is amazing!
By Kristina Fostee

By Kevin Putler
I have the utmost confidence in the Gerling law firm and highly recommend their services! They are a very well known and reputable firm in the Evansville area.
By Bryan Bodkin

By Brenda Weber
Thank you to Neal Anderson for going above and beyond during our phone consultation!
By Samantha Wagner

By Emily Severeid-Geiss
Neal Anderson is one of the most conscientious attorneys in the city. He devotes 110% to each client. Great job, Neal!
By Kathy Patton
Neal Anderson is awesome and very professional. I highly recommend him or his firm.
By Lisa Parsons
Neal has been extremely helpful with my automotive case!! Definitely nice to have his advice and help. Thanks Neal for all you do!
By Rachael Gregg

By Bradley Cooper
The Evansville Christian Life Center has worked with Gerling Law in a variety of ways through their support of our nonprofit work. Their consistency, commitment, and professional shows through in everything they and we're proud to be community partners with them.
By Jeremy Secrest
Honest , Hardworking, dependable . Would use anytime !
By Allen Mosbey
Great firm! Great people!
By Emma Helfert
Great and caring staff!!
By stephani gonzalez
Having had a working relationship with Gerling Law over a number of years; I have gotten to know the staff as welcoming, knowledgeable, and dedicated to their clients.
By Rick Fleming
I am a General Contractor and I was severely injured after falling off of a roof in 2012 while working on a Boy Scout Eagle project. Workmans Comp insurance did not want to pay me because I wasn't receiving payment for working on this job. Boy Scout Eagle projects are strictly volunteer. I had to use my Contractors license & insurance and obtain a permit to do this project in Vanderburgh County. I started working with Robert Rock in 2013 after a referral from a friend. Robert worked on my case diligently over the next few years. After exhausting all local legal action he pursued it further to take it all the way to the US Court of Appeals and eventually to the Supreme Court who upheld the Court of Appeals decision. Finally after five years I was able to receive a settlement allowing me to pay my medical expenses & receive lost wages. Robert was personable & professional during the process and later becoming a friend. Obviously I made a good choice.
By John Morris
Neal was very kind and professional.
By Stacy Tuttle
The staff is very friendly. Highly recommend.
By Greg Francis
Gerling Law quietly supports local non-profits, and Holly's House appreciates the continued support they have given us. Gerling Law is a true community partner!
By Holly's House
Gayle Gerling is a huge community supporter and has a great reputation in Evansville.
By Leah Whitaker
Each year, Gerling donates helmets for Ivy Tech Community College's Bike Program giving underserved children bikes for good behavior. Thank you so much for serving our community!
By Marsha Jackson
Lori Crow is the best to deal with. She is very detailed oriented and quick to get things handled.
By Kevin Barker
Gerling’s commitment to community and children is more than apparent. After a student of mine was injured in a bicycle accident, Gerling supported and contributed to my effort to give away bicycle helmets at my school. Their time and assistance were invaluable in helping keep kids safe.
By Mike Flake
What a joy working with Gerling Law on a fundraiser for Touch, Inc. The event Beauty, Baubles & Bourbon was a tremendous success and we will be able to help many more cancer patients with non medical financial assistance. Thank you Gerling Law!
By Pam Rickenbaugh

By Alison Beale
Everyone at Gerling that I have worked with has been very nice and down to earth- great people.
By Gavin Roberts

By Caitlin Cassidy
Jim Stoltz and the staff of Gerling Law are completely committed to your case and your individual needs. I would highly recommend using Jim Stoltz as your attorney if you are injured.
By J D
Jim Stoltz is an excellent attorney, and is happy to guide you through your case with his longstanding experience and expertise.
By M McCullough
Jim Stoltz is dedicated to his clients. You can trust that you will be treated with compassion. I would recommend this gentleman to anyone who finds themselves in the unfortunate position of needing counsel. You can't go wrong with him in your corner!!
By jada hoeszle
Whether you are in Kentucky or Indiana, Jim Stoltz and the Gerling Law team will handle your case! Jim is a consummate professional, and he will treat you with the utmost respect.
By Robert McCullough
I am writing this review on behalf of the guests, staff, and volunteers of United Caring Services. Beyond Gerling Law's direct services, they also give back in many ways to support the community in which they live and work. UCS appreciates the ongoing partnership we have with Gerling Law to make a hope-filled difference in people's lives. We thank them for their generous support for our programs and services that help prevent and end homelessness.
By United Caring Services
Jim Stoltz has gone above and beyond! He’s great!Thanks!
By Sonia Baize
Jim Stoltz maintains professionalism and was a wonderful help!
By Lacey Madras
Jim Stoltz and the Gerling team are awesome! They will help you through your difficult time. I appreciate everything they've done. Thanks
By sumer merritt
Jim stoltz is great!
By Tracy Talley
Great people, great staff, and a pleasure to work with!
By Wes Floyd
Thank you, Gerling Law, for being a faithful sponsor of the Evansville area annual Women's Equality Day Lunch. This year we celebrated our 15th anniversary, and we couldn't do it without support from sponsors like you!
By Pam Locker
I had Neal Anderson as an attorney for a vehicle crash in 2015. I contacted him recently to inquire some information about a personal case I will soon be facing in court. Even though Neal no longer practices in that area, he spoke with me for a very long time and provided me with very beneficial information regarding the situation. He also provided me with the names of several attorneys who still practice in that field. Neal has been a pleasure to work with and I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone needing an attorney regarding vehicle crashes. He is very friendly and willing to help in any aspect. He is open and honest about everything.
By Nakaa Myers
I'd like to thank Gerling Law office for providing new bicycle helmets for all of our 4th graders at Tekoppel Elementary. Your support and promotion of bicycle safety is such an asset to our community. Thank you!
By Nancy Tabor
Just saw a Facebook post where Gayle Gerling Pettinga was named one of Indiana's Best Attorneys by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys and wanted to say congratulations. In addition to working with the firm, Gayle and her staff came to our school to promote bicycle safety by providing custom fit bike helmets for our students. The firm is consistently giving back to the community. Not only with the Bike Safety program but with monetary donations, volunteer hours, and items that are given to various charities in the tri-state area. Thank you for being a leader in the community that is willing to give back!
By Stacy Watson
The Evansville African-American Museum is Thankful for Gerling's participation each year for our Annual Colour of Humanity Gala and their membership. Great Team!
By Lu Porter
I wasn't sure who to get as a lawyer for my personal injury case, not even sure I needed one. I called and spoke to Neil a few times about my accident before finally deciding that this would be the route for me. Valerie and Neil have been amazingly wonderful. I haven't had to worry about anything except paying my medical bills and turning in all the paperwork I have received. I love the communication outlets and emails are just as easy as a phone call. We are finally in the last stretch of the case and I feel confident that Gerling Law is fighting for me. Thank you so much for all the hard work over the last 2 years! Krista
By Krista Burks
I've had the pleasure of working with Gayle and the team at Gerling Law for over 5 years. I can't recommend them enough. Everyone is extremely friendly, professional and passionate about helping their clients. They are world class people and a world class law firm! Do not hesitate to call!
By Ryan Serritella
Jesse and his legal secretary were both sympathetic and professional. I really appreciate all of the hard work that was put into my case. I am really thankful and fortunate to have had Jesse representing me in court. Thanks for a job well done. ????????
By Mike Milner
Gerling Law has been a great community partner to us at the American Heart Association. Their generous support of our cause is so very much appreciated.
By Malissa Troutman

By Jessica King

By Stephanie Rogier

By Aaron Cecil
Very knowledgeable and attentive. Everything I've experienced has been positive. Nikki has patiently answered questions and guided me on many issues and is just amazing. Dedicated and professional.
By Lori Dremel
Gerling Law is a wonderful asset to our community. Every year, Gerling Law supports the Youth First Passport to Adventure auction with an item donation and we are so grateful for this support. It is because of companies like Gerling Law that we can continue to build a stronger community. Thank you for all that you do!
By alisondra Langen
Working with such competent, caring, and knowledgeable professionals as Nikki Roby truly makes a bad situation seem "doable".
By Tresa W Humphrey
Done goods by me and my wife. Took good care of us when we needed help the most.
By Chip Humphrey

By Monica Warren

By Rose Gentry
I would like to commend Mr. James Stoltz for excellent representation of clients
By Berry Adcock
Gerling Law represented my daughter and I when we were in an accident several years ago. It was a wonderful experience and we would both use Gerling again if we are in another accident. Valerie Hunt was our paralegal and she was always there to help with whatever we needed.
By Shirley Backner

By Bill Hunt
Valerie Hunt was one of the most amazing paralegals i have ever came into contact with!!!
By Adam Seaver
Valerie is the best!!
By Beth Harper
Valerie is the best!
By Richard Bruner

By Wesley Knight
Gretchen Gerling is wonderful total trust her and i would use Gerling Law if I was ever Injured in a accident because of Gretchen
By kathy payne
You are always greeted with a smile from Gretchen Gerling
By Jeff Nash
Gerling law really helped us get the settlement we deserved! Gretchen was amazing help every time we had a question or need.
By andrew Evans
Fantastic care starting with Gretchen and your first call to your entire experience!
By Beth Evans
I would like to say that Gretchen Gerling represents the company very well. She is helpful and very kind. She always has a smile and a warm welcome.
By sharon wening
Extremely nice people who genuinely care....Thank you Gretchen Gerling!!!
By Rick Fegan

By Allison Frazier
I would highly recommend to Gerling law to any and all my family and friends. And I just LOVE Gretchen Gerling. She is so kind and caring and helpful. Such a wonderful person.
By Melissa Ellington
I trust their experience and highly recommend. Gretchen Gerling is so helpful and friendly and kind.
By Paul Ellington
Gretchen will always go above and beyond what she needs to do for their clients. :)
By Mamie Custer
I recommend Gerling to everyone seeking representation. I was so pleased with how my case was handled and I just loved Gretchen! Always greets with a smile. :)
By Stacie Nichols
great group of folks that work here. from the first contact with Gretchen and then the team you are impressed with professionalism and a team that cares about you.
By Charles Kibby
Gerling law is awsome and Gretchen is the greatest.
By Keith Huett
Gretchen Gerrling was very helpful with all my questions.
By Jane Giolitto
They answered any questions and concerns we had right away and took care of us. They are the best in the area ! im happy we went with Gerling Law
By Kimberly Short
Gretchen Gerling is wonderful total trust her and i would use Gerling Law if I was ever Injured in a accident because of Gretchen.
By Laura Reyes
Whether you are in Kentucky or Indiana, Jim Stoltz and the Gerling Law team will handle your case! Jim is a consummate professional, and he will treat you with the utmost respect.
By Tom Laytham
Attorney Rock is detailed, respectful, & compassionate. I found it very easy to work with Attorney Rock and Shannon. I feel they worked hard on my behalf. I have total confidence in their advice and guidance The staff is kind and welcoming. I highly recommend them!!!
By Connie Fields

By Michelle Jackson
You are always greeted with a smile from Gretchen Gerling.Easy to talk to and seems concerned about your problems I want to say I will use him again if needed and recommend him to anyone needing help with a social security case. Don't go at it alone,use a guy like him to get you what you deserve.
By Eleanora
If you have a injury, GERLING LAW is the best place to go they really care about you ,
By Judy Vanderveer
Gayle Gerling is a huge community supporter and has a great reputation in Evansville.Gretchen will always go above and beyond what she needs to do for their clients. :)
By Aron Finch
I have not had to deal with or use many attorneys in my life but Neal was professional from beginning to end. He answered all our questions and concerns no matter how big or small. Thank you for all your help. We appreciate you and the Gerling Law firm.
By Amanda Harpole
Jesse & Christina did a fantastic job on my disability appeal and hearing.I was denied twice before and waited several years. This time I was approved and recieved my backpay.
By Paul Cummings

By Angel Beal
Great attorney
By Blanca Reyna

By Ashley Owen
Neal was very nice and worked hard on my case. Everybody in the office was very helpful and nice. I would highly recommend Gerling Law.
By connie burkhart
Gerling law is fantastic. The lawyers there are knowledgeable, responsive, and compassionate. They are a great lawfirm to have representing you. Gayle Gerling especially goes above and beyond for her clients.
By James Habel
Awesome people and great service! Won my case quickly and easily!!!!
By Dave Johnson

By Ricky Miller

By Ann Pryor
The way I like it
By Wendell Webster
Great and very quick service
By betty stanley
They're quick to respond to any questions we had
By Margaret Mcreynolds
Knowledgeable, professional and kind service.
By C R Essary
Robert Rock was absolutely amazing! When I first got into my accident I was terrified because the person that hit me had no insurance. I was unsure what to do or even what to say, so I made a call to Gerling Law! That was the best decision I could have ever made in this situation. Right from the beginning Robert was kind, caring and very knowledgeable. He took control of everything and I no longer had to deal with the difficult insurance company. He guided me through the whole process and made it effortless on my part. I would recommend him in any injury situation, you will not be disappointed with your experience!
By Jasmine Kyle
Awesome experience with Attorney Robert Rock!! He helped me tremendously. Would recommend to anyone who has been in an accident and in need of legal services.
By Courtney Mason
My attorney Neal Anderson went above and beyond for me. He did awesome job. I highly recommend him. If you need someone to get the job done call him at the Gerling law firm. You’ll glad be you did.
By Golden Euler
I contacted Gerling Firm to represent me for my Disability hearing. Jesse Poag was my lawyer, He went above and beyond my expectations. He answered any question I had and always made time to speak with me. In the end we obtained a favorable decision. I couldn't be more pleased with the amount of care and respect I was shown. I highly recommend Jesse Poag at Gerling Firm.
By Rone Dewain
When our son was in a traumatic car accident, we were overwhelmed with matters ranging from care giving to medical bills. We had never been down this road before and needed competent help that we could trust. The Gerling Law Firm was exactly who we needed. Neil Anderson and Valerie Hunt provided calming & compassionate assistance every step of the way. They were tenacious in fighting for our son's rights and thorough in their paperwork, all within a context of impeccable integrity. I would highly recommend them to you! Pastor Jim Saunders
By Jim Saunders
There great folks that want to nothing more than help family freindly have great things to say about the work they did for me
By donny Watters
Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness Professionalism, Professionalism , Quality, Quality , Responsiveness Responsiveness Jim & Abby are the best! I appreciate everything they did to help me! I would HIGHLY recommend Gerling to anyone needing a personal injury attorney.
By Gretchen Garrison
Professionalism, Quality Professionalism, Professionalism , Quality Quality Test review
By Susannah Jackson
Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Professionalism, Professionalism , Quality, Quality , Responsiveness, Responsiveness , Value Value
By Denise Culver
Very nice people and they listen to u
By james cameron
Neal Anderson was my lawyer, and I would highly recommend him to anyone!!! I was lost after my accident and didn’t know what to do but Neal and his team at Gerling Law fought hard for me to get me the settlement I deserved! I appreciate everything they have done!!!
By Kayla Jean
There absolutely on point. Fast response and definitely worth calling to obtain representation. Proud to be a client as well thank God for this law firm.
By Chiquita Carter

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