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How Does Reputation Desk Work

Reputation Desk started from business owners, just like you, who were completely over all the work it took to manage listings, social media, and reviews

You know how it goes. Your manager asks you to rank high on the SERPs (search engine results pages), have all the social media sites, and appear for anything else locally. So you sign up, do all the things, and the next thing you know your email is now living and breathing organism of updates, alerts, spam, and “suggestions.” It’s overwhelming and, quite frankly, annoying.

And then, one day while you’re cleaning out your inbox you stumble upon a five-star review that was left months ago.

Or, even worse, you find that negative review (it’s okay; it happens to all of us) that was left by that disgruntled client that you did literally everything for – and you should have responded months ago.

Since 84% of online consumers trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation, it’s crucial that you respond to that negative review honestly and kindly. Now it’s been months: how many people read that review? How many people went elsewhere because of it?

We feel your pain. That’s why our software is here. Reputation Desk simplifies the management of all those listings, all your reviews, all your address and phone number information (nothing is worse than a wrong email or phone number listing) and actually makes it enjoyable, fun, and helpful.

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