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Reputation Desk offers various types of software to benefit your law firm's reputation. Clients are more likely to choose your firm over your competitors if your contact information is relevant and they see that you have excellent reviews for your legal services. Reputation Desk offers you multiple software options to help your firm flourish.

Listing Management

Listing management software allows you to maintain the most relevant information about your firm. Keep your address, phone number, and other contact information updated so that clients can contact you easily when in need of legal services instead of turning to your competitors due to an incorrect listing.

Review Management and Monitoring

Review Management and Monitoring software allow you to view client's reviews of your services. You'll receive an alert every time a customer adds a testimony about your firm, and you can choose which ones to add to your website. That allows you to gain positive feedback and constructive criticism on your strengths and weaknesses to maintain client satisfaction.

Review Generation

Review Generation software gathers, filters, and promotes your reviews. After you provide legal services, the software will prompt the client to complete a survey about your firm. This develops your reputation above your competitors and generates more clients in your office.

The software that Reputation Desk offers is a catalyst for your law firm's growth and popularity. Your hard work providing excellent services to your clients combined with these tools corresponds to a recipe for success.

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