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Display Customer Reviews On Site

Display Customer Reviews On Your Site

If you are looking to find ways to boost your company's marketability and increase sales at the same time, adding customer reviews to your website can be the way to go, 

There is plenty of research that suggest including customer reviews on your site can lead to greater brand loyalty as well as an increase in overall sales. That research includes data that suggest most Americans read reviews posted by others before ever making a purchase themselves. The majority of consumers also review ratings posted online as well as reviews if it is a purchase, they are making for the first time.

Finally, the younger crowd of buyers, usually those under age 40, typically read online reviews before every single purchase they plan to make. So, if you aren’t posting customer reviews to your website, you could be very far behind the curve. However, it is easy enough to change things up.

How to Put Customer Reviews on Website

This process can seem quite technical and in some ways, it is but that doesn’t mean it isn’t simple enough to do. So, how exactly do you have reviews to your website? You want this to be authentic and you want them to help you boost your sales. Using a website review widget can simply the whole process for you.

There are internet monitoring tools that allow you to easily add customer review to your website. The customer reviews display on website and anyone considering a purchase from you can see them when they get to your site. This is quite easy now and can really have a strong impact on sales. In fact, it is easier to add reviews now than it ever has been in the past.

You can have a variety of reviews shown on your website. For example, you can have Yelp reviews shown. You can even have Google reviews shown right on your site. Your customers won’t have to move away from your site to search for reviews. This keeps them shopping on your site.

If your customers have to leave your site to get feedback, they aren’t as likely to return. Having all kinds of reviews visible, including those from places like Google and Yelp, can make all the difference when it comes to landing sales.


Get More Customer Reviews

Since there are tools to get your reviews on your site, you need to find ways to actual get those reviews. This can actually be the more complicated part of the process. You have to find ways to encourage your customers to leave you reviews. Of course, you also want them to be positive reviews. So, how do you encourage customers, particularly those who have a positive experience, to leave reviews on your website?

1. Learn Your Customer Base

You need to know who your customers are before you can grab their attention to leave you a review. You should know them just out of good business practice. Knowing who your likely customers are means that you can send them an invitation on a platform you know they are already using.

Social media platforms are great for this but you want to be strategic in your attempts. For example, if you want to use Instagram, make sure you ask your customer to use a designated hashtag. Make that hashtag something memorable and fun. For Facebook, sending something out in messenger is often the quickest and most effective way to get a review.

2. Simplify the Process

Don’t make your customers jump through hoops to leave a review. If you do, you aren’t likely going to get any. They will simply stop halfway through the process and you’ll never hear what they have to say. Instead, make the process as easy and quick as possible. Keep the form short and limit the number of times your customer has to click through anything. You can also be unique in how you set the form up. Make it funny or use tactics to grab your customers’ attention through the process.

That will make it more likely that they stick around to complete it.

3. Be Timely

You want to pick the right time to request your review. This depends on what you are offering in terms of services or products. For example, a service that provides rides would want to ask for their review when the ride has ended.

If you are selling something that needs to be broken in before the customer can know how it truly works, you want to wait a few days before asking for a review. No matter what the timeframe, be mindful that spamming your customers will likely have the opposite effect of the one you want. Ask for a review one time, at the right time, and then move on.

4. Use Incentives

Offer an incentive for leaving a review. It doesn’t have to be costly, and the customer may never even use it. However, it can be really motivating when the customer is deciding if they want to leave a review or not.If your incentive can be used toward a future purchase, it might have a double positive effect. The customer may leave a review and may ultimately spend more money. Try our Review Generation platform.


Responding to Customer Reviews

You can make the choice if you want to respond to the reviews you receive. We recommend doing so, as it only reinforces good customer service. It can seem overwhelming to formulate responses to all of your reviews. However, the website review widget may be able to help with this. You’ll likely be able to filter based on whether the comment and review was positive or negative. You may even be able to sort based on the social media platform used.

Then, if you want to reply or comment, you can do so using the website review widget. Keep in mind that if you choose to respond, you want to do so in a timely manner. The comments you leave will have less of an impact if you wait too long.

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