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VirtualDesk is a new feature we've just built in to the ReputationDesk brand. A simple and easy widget that gets installed on your website where visitors can enter in all their photos, personal information, and receive a personal assessment from you directly from the comfort of their homes. Our software allows your business to start offering virtual consultations online in as little as 30 minutes. 

Here are some of features and benefits that come with our online virtual consultation software:

  1. High Video and Audio Quality
    Virtual consultations require both high-quality video and audio. The software provides dentists with crystal clear video and audio transmissions. Video consultation reduces chances of infectious disease transaction between you, the medical staff and your patients.
  2. CRM Dashboard
    A Customer Relationship Dashboard is an application within the Virtual Consultation Software that allows you to access all the submissions you received through your website quickly. The panel helps in monitoring your website's performance showing you how many visitors, clicks, and submissions you've gotten. 
    It's designed to allow you to work out specific actions with a single mouse click from the interface. 
  3. Two Way Texting
    The two way texting  feature in our virtual consultation-software is among the dynamic ways you can use to contact your patients. With a live chat, every interaction with your visitors can be channeled to your website to build longer relationships and a better experience.You can go past your customers' expectation to boost their experience during the consultation. Text Live Chat allows you to send text messages and URLs to your patients in a private form not to breach privacy agreement. 
  4. Quick Access to Communication
    Virtual consultation allows your patients to communicate with you without any registration, and they can do this via a browser. All they have to do is click a link sent to them, enter their details and meeting number and start the consultation. The software can work in Windows PC, iPhone, Android phone, and Mac 
  5. Engage Patients, Convenience And Easy To Use
    Patients want software that delivers virtual consultation as an additional service. The software eliminates hurdles that your patients experience anytime they visit a health center. It gets rid of the transportation costs, commuting times, congestions in the waiting bay, and long waiting hours. Apart from convenience, your patients will be involved in their treatment. They'll take ownership of their well-being and commit to online booked appointments.


How our virtual consultation widget works? 

The software is extremely easy to use. When you sign up we will install a code on your website with a widget. New vistiors that come to your website will see this pop up and fill out their information to get started.  You're able to customize your widget to your own specifications or use the proven pre made options we've added already. They can snap some photos using their phones and send the information to you. 

Afterwards, you get a notification and can check on patient’s information such as their name, email, phone number, date of birth, answers to your questions, and their photos from your dashboard.  Then, you can provide immediate feedback accordingly via text or email. 

This is a great to start offering teledentistry in your office if you're an dentist, orthodontist, periodontist, oral surgeon, endodontist, etc. 

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